My Kennel

Meet the Farmwatch dogs

An introduction to my kennel

My name is Gina Challoner and I live in Loughborough UK. As you will gather, my kennel club registered affix is Farmwatch.

I currently own 3 female Hovawarts.  You can read about my dogs here. My first ever Hovawart was Tarn and she also is featured. Information about my dogs will be added as their lives go on.

I have to mention my lucky mascot Dave. He was rescued from appalling conditions in Romania and he assumes top dog status over the others and of course he also has his own page as befits a dog of his stature. Well he thinks he’s the biggest dog in the kennel.


Click on the photo for more details about each dog, and to view their pedigrees
Hovawart dog
Homested Adriarna of Trepur


Hovawart dog
Isalynn Van Elderens Hof at Farmwatch


Hovawart dog
Krista Van Elderens Hof At Farmwatch


Hovawart dog
Enormous Uptown Girl at Farmwatch


Hovawart dog
Enormous Vision of You at Farmwatch



Little Dave is my lucky mascot.  I rescued him from Romania. He was found as a very very young puppy abandoned in a cardboard box in the freezing cold and left to die along with his litter mates.

He now rules the roost at Farmwatch after a long rehabilitation process. He is a little black devil, a tiny dog with the heart of a lion and he makes me smile every single day.

Rescue dog sitting in chair
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