First, I expect that you are looking for a family companion that will be loved and cherished.  Your dog should live inside the house as a canine family member, not be banished to the backyard or locked in a garage and given attention only when you happen to be passing by. 

You've done research into different dog breeds to see which ones fit your activity level, lifestyle, temperament, grooming requirements and to ensure the Hovawart is a good fit for your family.  Actually meeting and spending time with Hovawarts is also important, all that pretty hair might look gorgeous in a picture but you might find the brushing and vacuuming too time consuming or messy in person. Having a protective dog might also sound great in theory, but it can also be a liability at times.  This is an alarm system that does not turn off, they are watchful and aware of their surroundings 24/7. While a Hovawart is supposed to be defensive not aggressive, a Hovawart lacking socialization and confidence may bite, as any poorly socialized dog of any breed might.

 You have the time and energy to devote to daily training and exercise and are committed to raising your new pup properly.  Raising a guardian breed dog correctly involves time consuming intense socialization and training. You have a well thought out plan for socializing your pup, including puppy classes and basic obedience classes as the pup grows older.

As your dog matures, you offer him increasing physical and mental exercise keeping him fit and happy.

You are also your dog's advocate.  It is expected you will do your own research to ensure you make choices that are the best for you and your dog. For instance, yearly vaccines are no longer recommended for pets, the risks and side effects far outweigh any benefit. (Booster shots are a myth- you either are immune or not,  and once you are immune to something, you can't get any more immune) If your vet recommends yearly boosters, it is expected that you would decline and find a more knowledgeable or more holistic vet.  Research into possible detrimental side effects of spaying and neutering, and natural methods of parasite control are also important and expected of prospective owners.

Often, traditional obedience training classes are the only option some people have available.  Hovawarts are easily trained with positive methods ie: clicker training and reward based training methods.  IT IS FAR EASIER TO REWARD GOOD BEHAVIOUR RATHER THAN FIX BAD HABITS AFTER THEY HAVE DEVELOPED. Being an advocate for your dog means you would seek out trainers that use positive methods or if entered in a traditional obedience class,  train your dog with positive methods whilst using the class for socialization purposes.

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