The puppies are now six weeks old

This morning we started to learn about individual bowls and not pinching our brother or sisters dinner as well as their own! We practiced in the puppy room and then tonight for dinner we have moved into the kitchen. I got them to sit behind the dog gate whilst I put the bowls out and then I called them and they came in quite steadily and then I guided them to their bowls. Enjoy the antics

All 5 boys and 3 girls are thriving and making their presence known. Isalynn is wonderful and the most natural mother. I am so grateful to have this special Hovawart living with me.

Born 2nd/3rd March 2018

There are 6 males and 2 bitches. We have all three colours of the Hovawart in this litter which I am delighted about. There are 2 Blond bitches, 1 black & gold Dog, 2 Blond males and 3 Black males. They average out at approx 1lb 2oz per puppy. They are all very even in size and of course are the most beautiful puppies I have ever seen! Isalynn has read the book about 'Having and Rearing puppies' and remembers it from heart. She is the best brood bitch I have ever owned and totally devoted to her puppies 100% Isa is in excellent condition and looks good enough to be shown at Crufts BUT of course she will not be there. 

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