The puppies are now three weeks old and enjoying playing.

The puppies are now one week old and they are all enjoying breakfast in bed along with mum Isalynn.

The puppies from the Harvest litter are now three days old and they are all doing well. Isalynn is an exceptional mother and she adores her puppies.


Isalynn van Elderens Hof at Farmwatch & Enormous Roller Coaster would like to introduce their puppies to you. Natural mating, textbook pregnancy & lengthy but trouble free Whelping.

Eight beautiful puppies have been born - 4 dogs and 4 bitches, across the full range of Hovawart colours - Blonde, Black, and Black & Gold.

Here are just a few photographs taken within a few hours of the puppies arriving.

A short video of the new puppies with Isalynn

The puppies are now six weeks old

This morning we started to learn about individual bowls and not pinching our brother or sisters dinner as well as their own! We practiced in the puppy room and then tonight for dinner we have moved into the kitchen. I got them to sit behind the dog gate whilst I put the bowls out and then I called them and they came in quite steadily and then I guided them to their bowls. Enjoy the antics

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