Mating Three - Isalynn and Arlo


Isalynn's third litter arrived on 14th September 2020. A natural mating (not AI) with Arlo, pedigree name Enormous Roller Coaster. He is a 3 year old solid black Hovawart. Eight puppies altogether, a mixture of boys and girls, and all three Hovawart colours - Blonde, Black, and Black & Gold.

THE Sire And Dam

Sire and Dam of Hovawart puppies
Photographs of “Enormous Roller Coaster” (solid Black Male) & “Isalynn van Elderens Hof at Farmwatch” (Blond Bitch) who are the Sire and Dam of the soon to be born Farmwatch Litter. Enormous Roller Coaster bred by in Poland is 3 years old, fully health checked and verified, HD free with Hip Score of 8. Isalynn van Elderens Hof at Farmwatch bred by in Holland is also fully health checked with an updated Thyroid test. She too is HD free with a Hip Score of 6. Both dogs are family pets with excellent mentalities and Isalynn is also a Show Dog.

Litter Pedigree

Enormous Roller Coaster
Isalynn Van Elderens Hof at Farmwatch
Aik Carpathia Heart
Enormous Just One Look
Bursche Vom Gut Grone
Gayannah V Elderen's Hof
Ecco Vom Tyrolsberg
Aimie Sagbariam
Thilwhil's Fargo
Enormous Brilliant Vegas
Balu Von Den Drei Hofen
Cinderella Us De Kupp
Houwaert's Thor Amigo
Ajente V Elderen's Hof


Keep up to date with the progress of our litters. 
Pictures and videos of the puppies will be uploaded as they grow.
September 17, 2020
Three days old

The puppies from the Harvest litter are now three days old and they are all doing well. Isalynn is an exceptional mother and she adores her puppies.

September 21, 2020
One Week Old

The puppies are now one week old and they are all enjoying breakfast in bed along with mum Isalynn.

October 6, 2020
Three Weeks Old

The puppies are now three weeks old and enjoying playing.

September 15, 2020
The Farmwatch Harvest Litter

BORN 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020 Isalynn van Elderens Hof at Farmwatch & Enormous Roller Coaster would like to introduce their puppies to you. Natural mating, textbook pregnancy & lengthy but trouble free Whelping. Eight beautiful puppies have been born - 4 dogs and 4 bitches, across the full range of Hovawart colours - Blonde, Black, and […]

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