Enormous Uptown Girl at Farmwatch

Anja | Age: 4

Anja has been imported from Poland and was bred by Anna Pieczynska, owner of the 'Enormous Kennel' in Warsaw.

Pedigree Details

Igor Vom Tullnerbach
Enormous Over The Moon
Goya Vom Pfarhof
Fantine Vom Tullnerbach
Steinroller Odd-Leif
Enormous Brilliant Vegas
Cosmo Vom Schondratal
Cayenne Vom Haselrieder Wald Sire
Kalisto Vom Gablitztal
Djamilla Vom Tullnerbach
Kuonomaen Sikspaki
Steinroller Lisbeth
Conny Von Ascona
Maggt Von Jesses Meute

Anja's Gallery

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