Gunner has been imported from Poland and is jointly owned with Mr N Williams.

Anja has been imported from Poland and was bred by Anna Pieczynska, owner of the 'Enormous Kennel' in Warsaw.

My first Hovie was Tarn, who took the the art of Breed Showing to a new level. She won many Best of Breeds including at Crufts which gave us the thrill of competing in the Working Group. She is the Top Winning Hovawart of all time and even though she died several years ago, no other Hovie has held this title to date. She competed twice in the prestigious Contest of Champions, which is for the top 64 Dogs in the UK.  

Unfortunately, although mated 3 times to different proven Sires, she was never able to have puppies. She was truly unique. She was the loveliest, kindest, loyal, and devoted dog to live with. She had a wonderful temperament and an incredible Show Ring Presence. I still miss her beautiful eyes and her ability to make me smile each and everyday of her life.

The photograph of my beautiful Blond Bitch was taken by request of the Kennel Club as her picture was to be used in The Kennel Club Breed Standards Book to represent the Hovawart Breed.

Krista was bred by Mrs J. Mourenhout and imported from the Van Elderens kennel in Holland. She is the half sister to Isalynn from the Dam's side.

Top Hovawart in UK 2017

Winner at CRUFTS of Best Hovawart Bitch in 2017

Multiple Best of Breed Wins at UK Championship Shows

Multiple Best Hovawart Bitch at Open and Championship Shows

Good Citizen Bronze and Silver Awards.

The Hovawart is still considered a Rare Breed in the UK and as such we cannot be called Champions.  Isalynn would be a Multi Champion if we were not still on the Rare Breed Register.

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