What you should expect from a breeder

Published: June 19, 2019

Farmwatch pups all begin with great parents - all Farmwatch breeding dogs are tested and cleared for genetic diseases and the pedigrees of both mother and father are checked thoroughly  A database is searched for potential health problems that might be created by mating certain dogs together. Both dogs must be examined by a vet and found in good health. 

All my own Farmwatch dogs eat a Millies Wolfheart Grain and Dairy free dry food.  They also have raw mince and raw chicken wings on alternate days. The puppies are weaned and raised on Royal Canin puppy Mousse and follow on food.  Royal Canin puppy packs are given.

No spot on flea products, or toxic parasite control is used.  Natural products are used as much as possible.

The puppies are born and raised in the house and exposed to a nurturing environment and committed observation and care.  Once eyes and ears open, the pups are exposed to an increasingly stimulating environment with classical music and the TV with sound turned low. Also, a CD of noises (traffic, planes, trains, babies crying, fireworks, etc) is played at times with increasing volume as pups mature. Exposure to common household noises and appliances also starts at this stage.

Training begins as soon as pups are mobile. Once they are up on their feet and starting on solid food potty training begins by splitting their quarters into a 'clean' living area and a 'dirty' potty area. The pups are taught to go outside to do their business as soon as possible and will no longer be using pee pads indoors when they go to their new homes. Clicker training begins at this stage also and all pups will learn how to sit and down before leaving for their new homes.

The pups have an enriched play area both indoors and out. Exposure to many different surfaces, textures, sights, smells, and sounds is extremely important at a young age. Puppies are encouraged to climb, explore, play, and generally tire themselves out. Their toys move, make noise, and change on a daily basis.

Most importantly, pups begin bite inhibition training and learn that humans have extremely delicate skin unlike their brothers and sisters and must be very carefully played with. When you pick up your pup you will be informed of exactly which stage your pup is at and how to continue the training.

Pups are fully weaned and independent feeders and able to lap water (cows milk must be avoided as you are not taking a Calf home)  Pups are not vaccinated prior to going to new homes. Since most pups go to their new homes between 8-10 weeks of age, maternal antibodies would still interfere with any attempt at vaccination. 

All puppies are micro chipped for ID and examined by a vet at approximately 7 weeks of age. Puppy temperament testing is also performed in house at 7 -8 weeks old. 

Socialisation both here and out in the world is extremely important. Visitors are welcomed to meet the pups after they are 3 weeks old. At 5 weeks the pups learn to ride in the car and start meeting as many people as possible within my home. When you pick up your puppy you will be required to sign a sales contract. The puppy sales contract includes clauses that you may not be familiar with. All males dogs are required to remain intact for at least 14 months.   Female dogs will be required to remain intact until at least the age of 3 years to allow their bodies to experience several heat cycles and allow growth plates in the long bones to close.  Several studies show that remaining intact decreases risks of certain fatal cancers, orthopaedic problems, behaviour problems, and thyroid disease.  ALL FARMWATCH DOGS ARE TO BE RETURNED IN THE EVENT YOU CAN NO LONGER CARE FOR THEM AT ANY TIME IN THEIR LIFE. YOU MAY NOT SELL, REHOME, SURRENDER TO A SHELTER OR OTHERWISE RELINQUISH YOUR PUP TO ANYONE ELSE. 


Enormous Vision of You at Farmwatch

Gunner has been imported from Poland and is jointly owned with Mr N Williams.

Enormous Uptown Girl at Farmwatch

Anja has been imported from Poland and was bred by Anna Pieczynska, owner of the 'Enormous Kennel' in Warsaw.

Homested Adriarna of Trepur

My first Hovie was Tarn, who took the the art of Breed Showing to a new level. She won many Best of Breeds including at Crufts which gave us the thrill of competing in the Working Group. She is the Top Winning Hovawart of all time and even though she died several years ago, no […]

Krista Van Elderens Hof At Farmwatch

Krista was bred by Mrs J. Mourenhout and imported from the Van Elderens kennel in Holland. She is the half sister to Isalynn from the Dam's side.

Isalynn Van Elderens Hof at Farmwatch

Top Hovawart in UK 2017 Winner at CRUFTS of Best Hovawart Bitch in 2017 Multiple Best of Breed Wins at UK Championship Shows Multiple Best Hovawart Bitch at Open and Championship Shows Good Citizen Bronze and Silver Awards. The Hovawart is still considered a Rare Breed in the UK and as such we cannot be […]

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